Asteroids Near Earth

Asteroid 439898 2000 TG2

439898 2000 TG2 asteroid magnitude is 20 H and asteroid diameter is between 266 and 594 meters. Asteroid 439898 2000 TG2 closest near miss earth distance is 24,454,720 kilometers on 29 October 2107.

Magnitude20 H
Diameter min.265.8 meters
Diameter max.594.35 meters
Orbit Uncertainty0 U
Orbital Period685.69 days
Min. Orbit Intersection.162998
Mean Anomaly338.544743
Mean Motion0.525015
Semi-major Axis1.52179 au
Is Hazardous?No
Jupiter Tisserand invariant4.445
Inclination12.002153 deg
Ascending Node Longitude206.860259 deg
Perihelion Distance1.147977 au
Perihelion Argument200.336599 deg
Perihelion Time2458041.365959 JED
Aphelion Distance1.895603 au
Orbit Determination Date26 December 2017
Epoch Osculation Date2458000.5

List of Asteroid 439898 2000 TG2 Close Approaches to Earth

List of approaches near Earth of asteroid 439898 2000 TG2 with distance and velocity information.

18 November 2199

Distance51,267,552 km
Distance (miles)31,856,180 mi
Lunar Distance133.311234 LD
Astronomical Distance0.342702 AU
Velocity (km per hour)26,784 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)7,440 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

17 September 2197

Distance63,551,344 km
Distance (miles)39,488,974 mi
Lunar Distance165.252838 LD
Astronomical Distance0.424814 AU
Velocity (km per hour)19,499 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)5,416 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

2 January 2185

Distance64,581,088 km
Distance (miles)40,128,828 mi
Lunar Distance167.930481 LD
Astronomical Distance0.431698 AU
Velocity (km per hour)9,643 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,679 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

5 October 2182

Distance50,266,016 km
Distance (miles)31,233,854 mi
Lunar Distance130.70694 LD
Astronomical Distance0.336008 AU
Velocity (km per hour)22,369 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,214 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

21 January 2170

Distance72,389,080 km
Distance (miles)44,980,489 mi
Lunar Distance188.233643 LD
Astronomical Distance0.483891 AU
Velocity (km per hour)15,041 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)4,178 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

16 October 2167

Distance38,802,024 km
Distance (miles)24,110,460 mi
Lunar Distance100.897072 LD
Astronomical Distance0.259376 AU
Velocity (km per hour)23,106 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,418 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

22 October 2152

Distance30,708,468 km
Distance (miles)19,081,357 mi
Lunar Distance79.851364 LD
Astronomical Distance0.205273 AU
Velocity (km per hour)22,941 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,372 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

25 October 2137

Distance26,416,800 km
Distance (miles)16,414,639 mi
Lunar Distance68.691727 LD
Astronomical Distance0.176585 AU
Velocity (km per hour)22,876 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,354 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

27 October 2122

Distance24,681,648 km
Distance (miles)15,336,465 mi
Lunar Distance64.179794 LD
Astronomical Distance0.164987 AU
Velocity (km per hour)23,007 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,391 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

29 October 2107

Distance24,454,720 km
Distance (miles)15,195,459 mi
Lunar Distance63.589714 LD
Astronomical Distance0.16347 AU
Velocity (km per hour)23,267 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,463 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

29 October 2092

Distance25,514,602 km
Distance (miles)15,854,039 mi
Lunar Distance66.345734 LD
Astronomical Distance0.170555 AU
Velocity (km per hour)23,696 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,582 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

31 October 2077

Distance28,370,770 km
Distance (miles)17,628,779 mi
Lunar Distance73.772636 LD
Astronomical Distance0.189647 AU
Velocity (km per hour)24,507 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,807 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

4 November 2062

Distance34,643,324 km
Distance (miles)21,526,364 mi
Lunar Distance90.083183 LD
Astronomical Distance0.231576 AU
Velocity (km per hour)25,808 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)7,169 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

9 November 2047

Distance44,317,204 km
Distance (miles)27,537,434 mi
Lunar Distance115.23822 LD
Astronomical Distance0.296242 AU
Velocity (km per hour)27,309 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)7,586 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

6 September 2045

Distance69,331,024 km
Distance (miles)43,080,301 mi
Lunar Distance180.281754 LD
Astronomical Distance0.463449 AU
Velocity (km per hour)18,132 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)5,037 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

26 November 2032

Distance56,261,024 km
Distance (miles)34,958,980 mi
Lunar Distance146.295776 LD
Astronomical Distance0.376082 AU
Velocity (km per hour)23,097 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,416 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

21 September 2030

Distance59,749,756 km
Distance (miles)37,126,777 mi
Lunar Distance155.367554 LD
Astronomical Distance0.399402 AU
Velocity (km per hour)20,374 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)5,660 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

4 January 2018

Distance66,390,892 km
Distance (miles)41,253,388 mi
Lunar Distance172.636536 LD
Astronomical Distance0.443796 AU
Velocity (km per hour)10,337 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,871 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

6 October 2015

Distance48,159,080 km
Distance (miles)29,924,665 mi
Lunar Distance125.228264 LD
Astronomical Distance0.321924 AU
Velocity (km per hour)22,777 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,327 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

20 January 2003

Distance73,443,792 km
Distance (miles)45,635,857 mi
Lunar Distance190.976212 LD
Astronomical Distance0.490941 AU
Velocity (km per hour)15,447 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)4,291 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

15 October 2000

Distance37,260,408 km
Distance (miles)23,152,544 mi
Lunar Distance96.888405 LD
Astronomical Distance0.24907 AU
Velocity (km per hour)23,259 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,461 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

21 October 1985

Distance28,866,696 km
Distance (miles)17,936,933 mi
Lunar Distance75.062195 LD
Astronomical Distance0.192962 AU
Velocity (km per hour)22,987 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,385 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

25 October 1970

Distance24,719,306 km
Distance (miles)15,359,865 mi
Lunar Distance64.277718 LD
Astronomical Distance0.165238 AU
Velocity (km per hour)23,032 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,398 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

28 October 1955

Distance25,003,826 km
Distance (miles)15,536,657 mi
Lunar Distance65.017555 LD
Astronomical Distance0.16714 AU
Velocity (km per hour)23,555 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,543 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

31 October 1940

Distance29,898,498 km
Distance (miles)18,578,065 mi
Lunar Distance77.745193 LD
Astronomical Distance0.199859 AU
Velocity (km per hour)24,798 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,888 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

6 November 1925

Distance39,909,888 km
Distance (miles)24,798,855 mi
Lunar Distance103.777855 LD
Astronomical Distance0.266781 AU
Velocity (km per hour)26,650 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)7,403 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

31 August 1923

Distance72,573,904 km
Distance (miles)45,095,333 mi
Lunar Distance188.714233 LD
Astronomical Distance0.485127 AU
Velocity (km per hour)17,540 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)4,872 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

19 November 1910

Distance53,775,756 km
Distance (miles)33,414,706 mi
Lunar Distance139.833328 LD
Astronomical Distance0.359469 AU
Velocity (km per hour)25,624 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)7,118 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

17 September 1908

Distance61,650,024 km
Distance (miles)38,307,549 mi
Lunar Distance160.308838 LD
Astronomical Distance0.412105 AU
Velocity (km per hour)19,768 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)5,491 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

Asteroid 439898 2000 TG2 Velocity Distance Comparison

Asteroid Pass DateVelocityDistance
18 November 219926,784 km/h51,267,552 km
17 September 219719,499 km/h63,551,344 km
2 January 21859,643 km/h64,581,088 km
5 October 218222,369 km/h50,266,016 km
21 January 217015,041 km/h72,389,080 km
16 October 216723,106 km/h38,802,024 km
22 October 215222,941 km/h30,708,468 km
25 October 213722,876 km/h26,416,800 km
27 October 212223,007 km/h24,681,648 km
29 October 210723,267 km/h24,454,720 km
29 October 209223,696 km/h25,514,602 km
31 October 207724,507 km/h28,370,770 km
4 November 206225,808 km/h34,643,324 km
9 November 204727,309 km/h44,317,204 km
6 September 204518,132 km/h69,331,024 km
26 November 203223,097 km/h56,261,024 km
21 September 203020,374 km/h59,749,756 km
4 January 201810,337 km/h66,390,892 km
6 October 201522,777 km/h48,159,080 km
20 January 200315,447 km/h73,443,792 km
15 October 200023,259 km/h37,260,408 km
21 October 198522,987 km/h28,866,696 km
25 October 197023,032 km/h24,719,306 km
28 October 195523,555 km/h25,003,826 km
31 October 194024,798 km/h29,898,498 km
6 November 192526,650 km/h39,909,888 km
31 August 192317,540 km/h72,573,904 km
19 November 191025,624 km/h53,775,756 km
17 September 190819,768 km/h61,650,024 km