Asteroids Near Earth

Asteroid 2017 VK13

2017 VK13 asteroid magnitude is 23.4 H and asteroid diameter is between 56 and 125 meters. Asteroid 2017 VK13 closest near miss earth distance is 9,997,783 kilometers on 6 October 2042.

Magnitude23.39 H
Diameter min.55.71 meters
Diameter max.124.58 meters
Orbit Uncertainty6 U
Orbital Period741.69 days
Min. Orbit Intersection.0695059
Mean Anomaly289.330487
Mean Motion0.485378
Semi-major Axis1.60355 au
Is Hazardous?No
Jupiter Tisserand invariant4.211
Inclination8.44846 deg
Ascending Node Longitude48.119556 deg
Perihelion Distance0.841757 au
Perihelion Argument90.408593 deg
Perihelion Time2458146.096746 JED
Aphelion Distance2.365343 au
Orbit Determination Date15 December 2017
Epoch Osculation Date2458000.5

List of Asteroid 2017 VK13 Close Approaches to Earth

List of approaches near Earth of asteroid 2017 VK13 with distance and velocity information.

20 October 2188

Distance21,591,562 km
Distance (miles)13,416,375 mi
Lunar Distance56.144634 LD
Astronomical Distance0.144331 AU
Velocity (km per hour)16,804 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)4,668 m/s
Orbiting BodyVenus

6 October 2042

Distance9,997,783 km
Distance (miles)6,212,334 mi
Lunar Distance25.99728 LD
Astronomical Distance0.066831 AU
Velocity (km per hour)53,071 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)14,742 m/s
Orbiting BodyMars

26 March 2028

Distance21,961,876 km
Distance (miles)13,646,477 mi
Lunar Distance57.107563 LD
Astronomical Distance0.146806 AU
Velocity (km per hour)17,122 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)4,756 m/s
Orbiting BodyVenus

30 April 2026

Distance45,838,616 km
Distance (miles)28,482,795 mi
Lunar Distance119.194351 LD
Astronomical Distance0.306412 AU
Velocity (km per hour)73,817 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)20,505 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

19 April 2024

Distance18,315,922 km
Distance (miles)11,380,986 mi
Lunar Distance47.626968 LD
Astronomical Distance0.122434 AU
Velocity (km per hour)53,475 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)14,854 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

3 April 2022

Distance16,537,121 km
Distance (miles)10,275,691 mi
Lunar Distance43.001549 LD
Astronomical Distance0.110544 AU
Velocity (km per hour)34,329 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)9,536 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

8 February 2020

Distance29,529,358 km
Distance (miles)18,348,692 mi
Lunar Distance76.785324 LD
Astronomical Distance0.197392 AU
Velocity (km per hour)33,330 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)9,258 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

17 December 2017

Distance16,224,136 km
Distance (miles)10,081,211 mi
Lunar Distance42.187691 LD
Astronomical Distance0.108452 AU
Velocity (km per hour)34,912 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)9,698 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

2 December 2015

Distance20,690,480 km
Distance (miles)12,856,468 mi
Lunar Distance53.801548 LD
Astronomical Distance0.138307 AU
Velocity (km per hour)55,141 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,317 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

20 November 2013

Distance48,959,276 km
Distance (miles)30,421,884 mi
Lunar Distance127.309013 LD
Astronomical Distance0.327273 AU
Velocity (km per hour)76,411 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)21,225 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

5 March 1961

Distance22,245,284 km
Distance (miles)13,822,579 mi
Lunar Distance57.844509 LD
Astronomical Distance0.148701 AU
Velocity (km per hour)17,414 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)4,837 m/s
Orbiting BodyVenus

Asteroid 2017 VK13 Velocity Distance Comparison

Asteroid Pass DateVelocityDistance
20 October 218816,804 km/h21,591,562 km
6 October 204253,071 km/h9,997,783 km
26 March 202817,122 km/h21,961,876 km
30 April 202673,817 km/h45,838,616 km
19 April 202453,475 km/h18,315,922 km
3 April 202234,329 km/h16,537,121 km
8 February 202033,330 km/h29,529,358 km
17 December 201734,912 km/h16,224,136 km
2 December 201555,141 km/h20,690,480 km
20 November 201376,411 km/h48,959,276 km
5 March 196117,414 km/h22,245,284 km