Asteroids Near Earth

Asteroid 2017 UQ6

2017 UQ6 asteroid magnitude is 27.1 H and asteroid diameter is between 10 and 22 meters. Asteroid 2017 UQ6 closest near miss earth distance is 7,716,743 kilometers on 22 October 2039.

Magnitude27.14 H
Diameter min.9.93 meters
Diameter max.22.2 meters
Orbit Uncertainty7 U
Orbital Period334.69 days
Min. Orbit Intersection.000742139
Mean Anomaly134.266137
Mean Motion1.075619
Semi-major Axis0.943403 au
Is Hazardous?No
Jupiter Tisserand invariant6.362
Inclination0.594961 deg
Ascending Node Longitude334.238974 deg
Perihelion Distance0.839982 au
Perihelion Argument229.8934 deg
Perihelion Time2457875.673088 JED
Aphelion Distance1.046824 au
Orbit Determination Date13 November 2017
Epoch Osculation Date2458000.5

List of Asteroid 2017 UQ6 Close Approaches to Earth

List of approaches near Earth of asteroid 2017 UQ6 with distance and velocity information.

1 December 2073

Distance55,201,984 km
Distance (miles)34,300,923 mi
Lunar Distance143.541962 LD
Astronomical Distance0.369002 AU
Velocity (km per hour)51,883 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)14,412 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

6 September 2071

Distance69,764,400 km
Distance (miles)43,349,588 mi
Lunar Distance181.408676 LD
Astronomical Distance0.466346 AU
Velocity (km per hour)61,767 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)17,158 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

2 December 2062

Distance61,009,284 km
Distance (miles)37,909,412 mi
Lunar Distance158.6427 LD
Astronomical Distance0.407822 AU
Velocity (km per hour)56,096 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,582 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

4 September 2060

Distance61,949,596 km
Distance (miles)38,493,694 mi
Lunar Distance161.087799 LD
Astronomical Distance0.414107 AU
Velocity (km per hour)56,002 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,556 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

1 December 2051

Distance69,001,240 km
Distance (miles)42,875,383 mi
Lunar Distance179.42424 LD
Astronomical Distance0.461245 AU
Velocity (km per hour)62,034 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)17,232 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

5 September 2049

Distance55,633,716 km
Distance (miles)34,569,188 mi
Lunar Distance144.664597 LD
Astronomical Distance0.371888 AU
Velocity (km per hour)51,412 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)14,281 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

3 December 2040

Distance63,645,340 km
Distance (miles)39,547,381 mi
Lunar Distance165.497253 LD
Astronomical Distance0.425443 AU
Velocity (km per hour)58,108 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)16,141 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

29 January 2040

Distance15,114,294 km
Distance (miles)9,391,587 mi
Lunar Distance39.301765 LD
Astronomical Distance0.101033 AU
Velocity (km per hour)7,356 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,043 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

22 October 2039

Distance7,716,743 km
Distance (miles)4,794,961 mi
Lunar Distance20.06588 LD
Astronomical Distance0.051583 AU
Velocity (km per hour)8,879 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,466 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

20 July 2039

Distance15,057,525 km
Distance (miles)9,356,312 mi
Lunar Distance39.154148 LD
Astronomical Distance0.100653 AU
Velocity (km per hour)5,958 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,655 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

8 September 2038

Distance61,875,092 km
Distance (miles)38,447,400 mi
Lunar Distance160.894073 LD
Astronomical Distance0.413609 AU
Velocity (km per hour)56,002 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,556 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

5 December 2029

Distance59,799,536 km
Distance (miles)37,157,709 mi
Lunar Distance155.496994 LD
Astronomical Distance0.399735 AU
Velocity (km per hour)55,336 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,371 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

9 September 2027

Distance63,781,188 km
Distance (miles)39,631,793 mi
Lunar Distance165.850494 LD
Astronomical Distance0.426351 AU
Velocity (km per hour)57,472 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,965 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

6 December 2018

Distance63,176,928 km
Distance (miles)39,256,323 mi
Lunar Distance164.279236 LD
Astronomical Distance0.422312 AU
Velocity (km per hour)57,773 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)16,048 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

30 January 2018

Distance15,049,389 km
Distance (miles)9,351,257 mi
Lunar Distance39.132992 LD
Astronomical Distance0.100599 AU
Velocity (km per hour)7,341 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,039 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

24 October 2017

Distance7,761,766 km
Distance (miles)4,822,938 mi
Lunar Distance20.182955 LD
Astronomical Distance0.051884 AU
Velocity (km per hour)8,887 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,469 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

20 July 2017

Distance15,179,387 km
Distance (miles)9,432,034 mi
Lunar Distance39.471027 LD
Astronomical Distance0.101468 AU
Velocity (km per hour)6,289 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,747 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

9 September 2016

Distance61,258,864 km
Distance (miles)38,064,493 mi
Lunar Distance159.291687 LD
Astronomical Distance0.40949 AU
Velocity (km per hour)55,571 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,436 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

7 December 2007

Distance62,968,124 km
Distance (miles)39,126,578 mi
Lunar Distance163.736282 LD
Astronomical Distance0.420916 AU
Velocity (km per hour)57,603 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)16,001 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

10 September 2005

Distance61,834,476 km
Distance (miles)38,422,162 mi
Lunar Distance160.788467 LD
Astronomical Distance0.413338 AU
Velocity (km per hour)55,996 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,554 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

8 December 1996

Distance62,781,312 km
Distance (miles)39,010,499 mi
Lunar Distance163.250519 LD
Astronomical Distance0.419667 AU
Velocity (km per hour)57,493 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,970 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

25 October 1995

Distance7,742,488 km
Distance (miles)4,810,959 mi
Lunar Distance20.132824 LD
Astronomical Distance0.051755 AU
Velocity (km per hour)8,890 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,469 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

26 July 1995

Distance14,824,538 km
Distance (miles)9,211,541 mi
Lunar Distance38.548313 LD
Astronomical Distance0.099096 AU
Velocity (km per hour)5,656 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,571 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

12 September 1994

Distance61,673,044 km
Distance (miles)38,321,853 mi
Lunar Distance160.368683 LD
Astronomical Distance0.412259 AU
Velocity (km per hour)55,908 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,530 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

8 December 1985

Distance65,616,840 km
Distance (miles)40,772,414 mi
Lunar Distance170.623764 LD
Astronomical Distance0.438621 AU
Velocity (km per hour)59,676 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)16,577 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

12 September 1983

Distance58,113,040 km
Distance (miles)36,109,769 mi
Lunar Distance151.111588 LD
Astronomical Distance0.388462 AU
Velocity (km per hour)53,388 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)14,830 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

9 December 1974

Distance66,986,016 km
Distance (miles)41,623,181 mi
Lunar Distance174.184021 LD
Astronomical Distance0.447774 AU
Velocity (km per hour)60,670 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)16,853 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

13 September 1972

Distance58,695,712 km
Distance (miles)36,471,825 mi
Lunar Distance152.626724 LD
Astronomical Distance0.392357 AU
Velocity (km per hour)53,777 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)14,938 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

13 December 1963

Distance57,661,180 km
Distance (miles)35,828,996 mi
Lunar Distance149.936615 LD
Astronomical Distance0.385441 AU
Velocity (km per hour)53,715 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)14,921 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

16 September 1961

Distance67,598,856 km
Distance (miles)42,003,982 mi
Lunar Distance175.777603 LD
Astronomical Distance0.45187 AU
Velocity (km per hour)60,284 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)16,746 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

13 December 1952

Distance61,244,100 km
Distance (miles)38,055,319 mi
Lunar Distance159.253296 LD
Astronomical Distance0.409392 AU
Velocity (km per hour)56,397 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,666 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

16 September 1950

Distance62,158,564 km
Distance (miles)38,623,541 mi
Lunar Distance161.63118 LD
Astronomical Distance0.415504 AU
Velocity (km per hour)56,315 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,643 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

12 December 1941

Distance70,714,104 km
Distance (miles)43,939,707 mi
Lunar Distance183.878189 LD
Astronomical Distance0.472695 AU
Velocity (km per hour)63,505 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)17,640 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

16 September 1939

Distance53,767,888 km
Distance (miles)33,409,817 mi
Lunar Distance139.812866 LD
Astronomical Distance0.359416 AU
Velocity (km per hour)50,276 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)13,965 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

20 December 1919

Distance52,197,800 km
Distance (miles)32,434,209 mi
Lunar Distance135.730164 LD
Astronomical Distance0.348921 AU
Velocity (km per hour)49,699 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)13,805 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

Asteroid 2017 UQ6 Velocity Distance Comparison

Asteroid Pass DateVelocityDistance
1 December 207351,883 km/h55,201,984 km
6 September 207161,767 km/h69,764,400 km
2 December 206256,096 km/h61,009,284 km
4 September 206056,002 km/h61,949,596 km
1 December 205162,034 km/h69,001,240 km
5 September 204951,412 km/h55,633,716 km
3 December 204058,108 km/h63,645,340 km
29 January 20407,356 km/h15,114,294 km
22 October 20398,879 km/h7,716,743 km
20 July 20395,958 km/h15,057,525 km
8 September 203856,002 km/h61,875,092 km
5 December 202955,336 km/h59,799,536 km
9 September 202757,472 km/h63,781,188 km
6 December 201857,773 km/h63,176,928 km
30 January 20187,341 km/h15,049,389 km
24 October 20178,887 km/h7,761,766 km
20 July 20176,289 km/h15,179,387 km
9 September 201655,571 km/h61,258,864 km
7 December 200757,603 km/h62,968,124 km
10 September 200555,996 km/h61,834,476 km
8 December 199657,493 km/h62,781,312 km
25 October 19958,890 km/h7,742,488 km
26 July 19955,656 km/h14,824,538 km
12 September 199455,908 km/h61,673,044 km
8 December 198559,676 km/h65,616,840 km
12 September 198353,388 km/h58,113,040 km
9 December 197460,670 km/h66,986,016 km
13 September 197253,777 km/h58,695,712 km
13 December 196353,715 km/h57,661,180 km
16 September 196160,284 km/h67,598,856 km
13 December 195256,397 km/h61,244,100 km
16 September 195056,315 km/h62,158,564 km
12 December 194163,505 km/h70,714,104 km
16 September 193950,276 km/h53,767,888 km
20 December 191949,699 km/h52,197,800 km