Asteroids Near Earth

Asteroid 2004 YU5

2004 YU5 asteroid magnitude is 19 H and asteroid diameter is between 421 and 942 meters. Asteroid 2004 YU5 closest near miss earth distance is 49,678,568 kilometers on 11 January 1991.

Magnitude19 H
Diameter min.421.26 meters
Diameter max.941.98 meters
Orbit Uncertainty0 U
Orbital Period1280.13 days
Min. Orbit Intersection.331377
Mean Anomaly32.136406
Mean Motion0.281221
Semi-major Axis2.307301 au
Is Hazardous?No
Jupiter Tisserand invariant3.337
Inclination24.19733 deg
Ascending Node Longitude304.325795 deg
Perihelion Distance1.25852 au
Perihelion Argument141.479479 deg
Perihelion Time2458486.225413 JED
Aphelion Distance3.356082 au
Orbit Determination Date22 December 2018
Epoch Osculation Date2458600.5

List of Asteroid 2004 YU5 Close Approaches to Earth

List of approaches near Earth of asteroid 2004 YU5 with distance and velocity information.

13 January 2198

Distance52,219,268 km
Distance (miles)32,447,549 mi
Lunar Distance135.78598 LD
Astronomical Distance0.349064 AU
Velocity (km per hour)47,113 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)13,087 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

14 January 2191

Distance54,863,004 km
Distance (miles)34,090,290 mi
Lunar Distance142.660507 LD
Astronomical Distance0.366737 AU
Velocity (km per hour)46,611 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)12,947 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

17 January 2184

Distance62,992,252 km
Distance (miles)39,141,571 mi
Lunar Distance163.799026 LD
Astronomical Distance0.421077 AU
Velocity (km per hour)45,961 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)12,767 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

19 January 2177

Distance73,639,952 km
Distance (miles)45,757,745 mi
Lunar Distance191.486282 LD
Astronomical Distance0.492253 AU
Velocity (km per hour)45,839 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)12,733 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

9 January 2019

Distance70,018,008 km
Distance (miles)43,507,173 mi
Lunar Distance182.06813 LD
Astronomical Distance0.468041 AU
Velocity (km per hour)56,317 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,644 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

10 January 2012

Distance64,001,064 km
Distance (miles)39,768,417 mi
Lunar Distance166.422241 LD
Astronomical Distance0.427821 AU
Velocity (km per hour)54,219 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)15,061 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

9 January 2005

Distance60,084,296 km
Distance (miles)37,334,651 mi
Lunar Distance156.237457 LD
Astronomical Distance0.401639 AU
Velocity (km per hour)52,302 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)14,528 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

10 January 1998

Distance54,291,288 km
Distance (miles)33,735,042 mi
Lunar Distance141.173874 LD
Astronomical Distance0.362915 AU
Velocity (km per hour)49,987 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)13,885 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

11 January 1991

Distance49,678,568 km
Distance (miles)30,868,831 mi
Lunar Distance129.179398 LD
Astronomical Distance0.332081 AU
Velocity (km per hour)47,512 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)13,198 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

12 January 1984

Distance49,818,248 km
Distance (miles)30,955,624 mi
Lunar Distance129.542618 LD
Astronomical Distance0.333014 AU
Velocity (km per hour)46,497 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)12,916 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

12 January 1977

Distance51,543,304 km
Distance (miles)32,027,524 mi
Lunar Distance134.028275 LD
Astronomical Distance0.344546 AU
Velocity (km per hour)45,910 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)12,753 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

13 January 1970

Distance57,016,596 km
Distance (miles)35,428,470 mi
Lunar Distance148.260498 LD
Astronomical Distance0.381132 AU
Velocity (km per hour)45,085 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)12,524 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

16 January 1963

Distance66,613,740 km
Distance (miles)41,391,859 mi
Lunar Distance173.216003 LD
Astronomical Distance0.445285 AU
Velocity (km per hour)44,715 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)12,421 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

Asteroid 2004 YU5 Velocity Distance Comparison

Asteroid Pass DateVelocityDistance
13 January 219847,113 km/h52,219,268 km
14 January 219146,611 km/h54,863,004 km
17 January 218445,961 km/h62,992,252 km
19 January 217745,839 km/h73,639,952 km
9 January 201956,317 km/h70,018,008 km
10 January 201254,219 km/h64,001,064 km
9 January 200552,302 km/h60,084,296 km
10 January 199849,987 km/h54,291,288 km
11 January 199147,512 km/h49,678,568 km
12 January 198446,497 km/h49,818,248 km
12 January 197745,910 km/h51,543,304 km
13 January 197045,085 km/h57,016,596 km
16 January 196344,715 km/h66,613,740 km