Asteroids Near Earth

Asteroid 18109 2000 NG11

18109 2000 NG11 asteroid magnitude is 16.9 H and asteroid diameter is between 1,108 and 2,478 meters. Asteroid 18109 2000 NG11 closest near miss earth distance is 4,045,377 kilometers on 14 November 2026.

Magnitude16.9 H
Diameter min.1108.04 meters
Diameter max.2477.65 meters
Orbit Uncertainty0 U
Orbital Period942.18 days
Min. Orbit Intersection.190784
Mean Anomaly73.307995
Mean Motion0.382092
Semi-major Axis1.880866 au
Is Hazardous?No
Jupiter Tisserand invariant3.885
Inclination0.807937 deg
Ascending Node Longitude59.532227 deg
Perihelion Distance1.189087 au
Perihelion Argument319.295691 deg
Perihelion Time2458408.64022 JED
Aphelion Distance2.572644 au
Orbit Determination Date 2 October 2018
Epoch Osculation Date2458600.5

List of Asteroid 18109 2000 NG11 Close Approaches to Earth

List of approaches near Earth of asteroid 18109 2000 NG11 with distance and velocity information.

9 March 2199

Distance5,856,187 km
Distance (miles)3,638,866 mi
Lunar Distance15.227869 LD
Astronomical Distance0.039146 AU
Velocity (km per hour)26,755 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)7,432 m/s
Orbiting BodyMars

27 September 2196

Distance41,518,188 km
Distance (miles)25,798,206 mi
Lunar Distance107.95993 LD
Astronomical Distance0.277532 AU
Velocity (km per hour)7,673 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,131 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

23 October 2178

Distance37,338,008 km
Distance (miles)23,200,763 mi
Lunar Distance97.090187 LD
Astronomical Distance0.249589 AU
Velocity (km per hour)8,252 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,292 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

27 August 2165

Distance67,169,256 km
Distance (miles)41,737,041 mi
Lunar Distance174.660507 LD
Astronomical Distance0.448999 AU
Velocity (km per hour)4,224 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,173 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

8 October 2147

Distance29,899,050 km
Distance (miles)18,578,408 mi
Lunar Distance77.746635 LD
Astronomical Distance0.199863 AU
Velocity (km per hour)8,030 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,231 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

9 November 2129

Distance52,382,184 km
Distance (miles)32,548,780 mi
Lunar Distance136.209625 LD
Astronomical Distance0.350153 AU
Velocity (km per hour)3,330 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)925 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

7 March 2117

Distance12,365,003 km
Distance (miles)7,683,257 mi
Lunar Distance32.152771 LD
Astronomical Distance0.082655 AU
Velocity (km per hour)29,204 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)8,112 m/s
Orbiting BodyMars

14 September 2116

Distance51,624,080 km
Distance (miles)32,077,716 mi
Lunar Distance134.238312 LD
Astronomical Distance0.345086 AU
Velocity (km per hour)4,315 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,199 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

14 October 2098

Distance30,185,806 km
Distance (miles)18,756,590 mi
Lunar Distance78.492287 LD
Astronomical Distance0.20178 AU
Velocity (km per hour)7,962 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,212 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

24 November 2080

Distance66,521,340 km
Distance (miles)41,334,444 mi
Lunar Distance172.975739 LD
Astronomical Distance0.444668 AU
Velocity (km per hour)5,671 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,575 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

28 September 2067

Distance38,766,092 km
Distance (miles)24,088,133 mi
Lunar Distance100.803635 LD
Astronomical Distance0.259135 AU
Velocity (km per hour)8,120 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,256 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

21 October 2049

Distance38,295,964 km
Distance (miles)23,796,009 mi
Lunar Distance99.581161 LD
Astronomical Distance0.255993 AU
Velocity (km per hour)8,048 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,236 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

24 August 2036

Distance66,997,460 km
Distance (miles)41,630,292 mi
Lunar Distance174.213791 LD
Astronomical Distance0.44785 AU
Velocity (km per hour)4,257 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,183 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

14 November 2026

Distance4,045,377 km
Distance (miles)2,513,681 mi
Lunar Distance10.519211 LD
Astronomical Distance0.027042 AU
Velocity (km per hour)24,955 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,932 m/s
Orbiting BodyMars

5 October 2018

Distance30,715,734 km
Distance (miles)19,085,872 mi
Lunar Distance79.870255 LD
Astronomical Distance0.205322 AU
Velocity (km per hour)7,946 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,207 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

2 November 2000

Distance49,272,492 km
Distance (miles)30,616,507 mi
Lunar Distance128.123474 LD
Astronomical Distance0.329366 AU
Velocity (km per hour)4,930 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,369 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

12 December 1997

Distance6,778,506 km
Distance (miles)4,211,968 mi
Lunar Distance17.626179 LD
Astronomical Distance0.045312 AU
Velocity (km per hour)22,524 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)6,257 m/s
Orbiting BodyMars

4 September 1987

Distance57,896,216 km
Distance (miles)35,975,041 mi
Lunar Distance150.547791 LD
Astronomical Distance0.387012 AU
Velocity (km per hour)1,112 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)309 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

7 October 1969

Distance28,596,210 km
Distance (miles)17,768,861 mi
Lunar Distance74.358849 LD
Astronomical Distance0.191154 AU
Velocity (km per hour)7,800 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,167 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

5 November 1951

Distance51,816,220 km
Distance (miles)32,197,106 mi
Lunar Distance134.737946 LD
Astronomical Distance0.34637 AU
Velocity (km per hour)3,734 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,037 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

6 September 1938

Distance55,790,280 km
Distance (miles)34,666,473 mi
Lunar Distance145.071716 LD
Astronomical Distance0.372935 AU
Velocity (km per hour)2,242 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)623 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

5 August 1936

Distance5,502,063 km
Distance (miles)3,418,823 mi
Lunar Distance14.307038 LD
Astronomical Distance0.036779 AU
Velocity (km per hour)26,297 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)7,305 m/s
Orbiting BodyMars

6 October 1920

Distance28,809,298 km
Distance (miles)17,901,268 mi
Lunar Distance74.912941 LD
Astronomical Distance0.192578 AU
Velocity (km per hour)7,748 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)2,152 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

30 October 1902

Distance48,073,612 km
Distance (miles)29,871,558 mi
Lunar Distance125.00602 LD
Astronomical Distance0.321352 AU
Velocity (km per hour)5,407 km/h
Velocity (meters per second)1,502 m/s
Orbiting BodyEarth

Asteroid 18109 2000 NG11 Velocity Distance Comparison

Asteroid Pass DateVelocityDistance
9 March 219926,755 km/h5,856,187 km
27 September 21967,673 km/h41,518,188 km
23 October 21788,252 km/h37,338,008 km
27 August 21654,224 km/h67,169,256 km
8 October 21478,030 km/h29,899,050 km
9 November 21293,330 km/h52,382,184 km
7 March 211729,204 km/h12,365,003 km
14 September 21164,315 km/h51,624,080 km
14 October 20987,962 km/h30,185,806 km
24 November 20805,671 km/h66,521,340 km
28 September 20678,120 km/h38,766,092 km
21 October 20498,048 km/h38,295,964 km
24 August 20364,257 km/h66,997,460 km
14 November 202624,955 km/h4,045,377 km
5 October 20187,946 km/h30,715,734 km
2 November 20004,930 km/h49,272,492 km
12 December 199722,524 km/h6,778,506 km
4 September 19871,112 km/h57,896,216 km
7 October 19697,800 km/h28,596,210 km
5 November 19513,734 km/h51,816,220 km
6 September 19382,242 km/h55,790,280 km
5 August 193626,297 km/h5,502,063 km
6 October 19207,748 km/h28,809,298 km
30 October 19025,407 km/h48,073,612 km